The Rusticotouno develops his activities in the area of tourism and installment of services. The company´s objective it´s to enrich and protect the costumes and traditions of the places where we develop our activities. Thus, those whose appeal to our services can enjoy an unique offer of products with endogenous and particularly characteristics.

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In Coimbra, throught the Sé Velha Hostel or the Aromas da Sé coffee shop, we offer a way of feel and live the city to everybody that visits us. How? By defending his history and cultural values or by a vast offer of products (feeding, wine, liquor, souvenirs) that show to us that there is just only one way to live Coimbra: With Passion! Our Hostel, beyond his location in the historical area of the Alta de Coimbra, offers a travel by the history of the city. All the rooms are related to historical places (Old Cathedral and University), emblematic figures (D. Sesnando, Rainha Santa Isabel, D. Pedro e D. Inês, D. Dinis, Miguel Torga) or characteristic concepts of Coimbra and his region (Song of Coimbra, Mondego River). More than a welcoming place that combines traditional architecture with modern and sophisticated decoration, our Hostel offers an experience of feeling Coimbra travelling their historical paths. We live Coimbra with the intensity of someone who don’t want to see her living, we feel Coimbra with the same passion that occupies the look of the lovers!
Our coffee shop, that has a store attached, also respects this organic. In this place, it´s our objective to spread products like wines, liquors, pastry, honey, handicraft, pottery and the Fado of Coimbra.
Know how to welcome, know how to shelter, know how to do, these are the guiding precepts that characterizes our way of being in the business branch.