Hostel Sé Velha :: Coimbra



The love story between D. Pedro and D. Inês represents one of the most beautifuls of Portugal. His tragic ending has turned him into a legend, persisting in the tradition until our days. They had lived a love story that has defeated the designs of death, their life was full of jobbery, hate and conflict of interests. The two “rest in peace” together, holding hands, in the Monastery of Alcobaça, remaining timelessly intertwined by the string of time. It was in Coimbra that they loved each other, however, it was also in this city were they have the tragic final of their story, with the murder of D. Inês de Castro. Because of that, the D. Pedro and D. Inês Room it´s ideal for the ones who want to spend a romantic night with his soul mate, while remember the encounters and disencounters of the story between D. Pedro and his sweetheart Inês.