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D. Sesnando

Sesnando Davides it´s one of the most emblematic figures in the history of the city of Coimbra. Mozarabic, native from the region of Tentúgal, it was captured by the Muslim in 1062 and taken to Sevilla, were the muslim maintained captive. It were educated by the standards of the Arabic culture, coexisting with their customs and traditions since early. Taking advantage of some signs of rupture inside the Muslim domain in the Iberian Peninsula, Sesnando Davides will escape from Sevilla and search for refuge on the court of Fernando “Magno”, King of Lion and Castile. Persuading him about the importance of Coimbra has an important military and economic city, considering it fundamental for the progressive Muslim conquest of de north of the Iberian Peninsula. Conquered by Fernando Magno in 9 of July of 1064, Coimbra will have in Sesnando Davides his first Christian Governor. He will be a great diplomat, who will try to reach an agreement between Christians and Muslims that lived in city. Currently, his grave it´s located in the Old Cathedral´s Cloister, containing a decoration with several pagan elements. The Sesnando Davides Room, with a prime view to the Old Cathedral, it´s the ideal room for a couple spend a calm and quiet night, while dreams with the adventures of a Coimbra marked by the acquaintanceship between Christian and Muslim cultures.